Hello - you're looking at this demonstration page because you might want to use a live Voteworm in your TV show or special event. The idea is simple. You see here, to your left, live voting buttons intended for a mobile phone, and you see, above, a live results display panel. Normally they'd be on separate pages but we've put them together here so you can get the idea. In a real event, your voters watch whatever they're watching, and, at the same time, click 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' via the web browser on their smartphones. The sum of the votes is translated onto the animating graph above, the Voteworm, which you can then display for your education and information. Press the 'thumbs up' now and see what it looks like.

You can use this demo for free with up to 200 simultaneous participants. Send this link to your voters to get just the voting buttons without the graph. Use this link to get just the graph without the voting buttons. If you want to create a Voteworm specific to your event only, click here and register.