Voteworm offers you the chance to vote second by second on any video, using your smartphone or computer. It's simply a like and a dislike button wired to Youtube or a live event. You keep pressing the buttons as you watch and it creates a constantly changing line graph of your mood swings. That animated line is a Voteworm. You can play it back, with everyone else's votes all added together. You can weight results to a particular target demographic. You can break down the results by demographics too. You can add a questionnaire. You can embed the vote in your own web page like below. Anyone can create a Voteworm online - our basic service is free. You pay for bells and whistles.

And our online Voteworm Clicker allows you to vote on any real world event. You just get the like and dislike buttons on your mobile device without the video. Just send your voters and viewers to a customised web page. Perfect for testing speeches, real world events and voting against live TV shows.